Vero Fabrics - Hospitality Collection


Vero Fabrics is recognised for its skill and ability to weave highly crafted and dynamic designs for some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and yachts. Our Hospitality collection is woven in FR yarns by highly skilled and dedicated weavers in Europe and the UK. We offer an exclusive edit of wide width textured plains and sheers which have been created exclusively for hotel drapery and branded residences. Emphasis is also placed on creating unique designs in beautiful colours and textures for boutique hotels and luxury suites. We are especially proud of our seamless panels which incorporates the design anywhere on the curtain drop. Ottilie Stevenson, the Creative Director at Vero Fabrics, first had this idea when she saw a lot of interior designers using plain fabrics and embellishing them with a trim or a different patterned fabric. This integrated concept has been developed further and now includes an unique collection of custom coloured ombres, stripes and geometric designs. We have also collaborated with many designers to create their own seamless panels taking inspiration from an architectural feature or a colour or texture from the actual location. Sourcing hard to find fabrics and colours is also a major part of what we do. Working closely with our manufacuturers we also offer VE options too. For help with any of your Hospitality projects, please contact us at